Variations — Ana Carvalho

I picked this theme for the exhibition in consideration of the plethora of piano musical variations on a particular theme or development of multiple themes. Using this as a starting point, I searched for images that would suggest music in general, sometimes highlighting harmony, sometimes focusing on contrast and melody deconstruction, but always trying to express the movement that connects them to music. Therefore, besides the single photos, I also have “duets” to convey the concept of variation or multiple possible interpretations of a musical theme.


(1952, Porto, Portugal)

  • MA in German and English Literature
  • Translator (also literary)
  • Digital Photography Course FOTOGRAM (Amsterdam)
  • Works in diverse magazines
  • Various exhibitions in Amsterdam, Brussels, Utrecht, Haarlem, Oporto, Cascais, Lagoa, etc.
  • Book covers
  • Projections by literary events


8 August (Tue) 2017, 5.00pm



8 to 20 August 2017


2pm to 7pm